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April 2014


Foster the People

Portugal. The Man


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Manic Street Preachers

Arcade Fire

Marina & the Diamonds



Philip Glass



Innuendo (Queen)

Taucher im Meer (Jonas Goldbaum)
Streuner (Anajo)

İkarus Başarsa (Sakin)

In This Shirt - Röyksopp Remix (The Irrepressibles )


my latest discoveries

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Oleg Karavaichuk, a contemporary Ukranian-Russian musician and master of his craft: the piano. He is extremely innovative in the way that he knows how to pick up on the classical tradition of his instrument and translates them into postmodernity. In the video below we see why his performances are equally genius - or, perhaps to some, plain insanity:

permanent recommendations

For all those who love simple no-nonsense guitar music and a voice with it, clad in words that actually bear meaning, check out nils christian wédtke who is an old school friend of mine:

Sina, who is one of my best friends, does cover versions of good songs that will give you the goosebumps. A guitar is all it takes for her and off she is, sitting in a corner, singing and humming along. She's got her own youtube channel: