Urban Spaces

What are urban spaces?

Cities are condensed spaces of culture. Condensed because the population density with block sites and skyscrapers is much higher than in any rural area; Culture in the sense that everything shaped by humans turns into something secondary, an artifact.


Cities are not places of or for nature, even though it is enveloped within them and, varying with concepts and city planning, might contain them. Exciting models appear for restructuring cities (New York, Kopenhagen, Berlin) in a less estranged way – definitely marks of the age of global warming.


Sometimes, traces of how people live together surface and capture our attention in special ways. These traces can be anything. Read semiotically, everything we see in a city means and hints at living together (or apart?).


I am fascinated by commentaries on communal life. It is little, tiny somethings we would usually bypass and forget as soon as we took notice of them. It is the writing on a wall, it is a piece of trash exposed. It is stories untold, that can be discovered and invented and might even perish before anybody gets to see them. It is simply anything that reveals: I was here

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    sisi (Wednesday, 18 April 2012 14:49)

    love your pics. wunderschön!!! vermisse dich furchtbar! :*

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    crbeeh (Wednesday, 18 April 2012 16:35)

    danke :)
    same here... dauert hoffentlich nicht mehr lang bis wir uns sehen!